The purpose of the Greater Rosemont and Mondawmin Area (GRAMA) Master Plan is to communicate the community’s vision for its future growth and development and provide a roadmap of strategies to help the community achieve that vision. The neighborhoods included in the plan area are:

– Mondawmin – Evergreen
– Matthew Henson/Easterwood – Winchester
– Coppin Heights Ash-Co-East – Bridgeview/Greenlawn
– Panway/ Braddish Avenue – Rosemont Homeowners and Tenants
– Walbrook – Midtown Edmondson
– Northwest Community Action – Liberty Square
– Rosemont – Parkview/Woodbrook
– Franklintown Road – Burleith Leighton
– Mosher  

Plan Focus Areas: Economic Development, Neighborhood Revitalization, Community Greening, Preservation, Transportation and Community and University integration

Final Draft Community Review: The community review period for the Final Draft of the updated master plan is October 15 – October 30, 2012. Please download the plan – GRAMA Plan 2012 – and submit comments below or by email to kate.edwards@baltimorecity.gov

Planning Commission Adoption Hearing: 

November 15, 20126:30 PM

Coppin State University – Health & Human Services Building, 3rd Floor

This blog allows community members to view and discuss each other’s comments. When commenting on a specific principle or strategy please refer to the spreadsheet to identify the category name, principle number and strategy number and include these in your comments so that we can tell which strategy your commenting on.

Please direct questions or comments to kate.edwards@baltimorecity.gov


10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Clyde Lambert

    Ms Kate, I live in the 2200 Braddish Ave area.W.of me is mostly a business zone.At this point its not too nouisy. But sometime there is trash dumping. N.W. on Gwyn Falls at Evergreen there is a vacant previous salon building which is of concern.We want to encourage a quiet/clean and productive community.No liquor/fried chicken and partying please!!

  2. Mrs. Smith

    Dukeland Street, Gwynns Falls Pkwy, Ko Ko Lane and Ashburton Streets. Drug Activity. Need pollice preseence, surveillance. No signs to be posted on corner posts, median strips, etc. City needs to monitor trash in median on GFP regularly. Ditto Mr. Lambert’s comments.

  3. Mr. Smith

    Additionally, No vending, sales of any kind in school zone.

  4. Doristine Patrick

    I live on the corner of Gwynns Falls Parkway and Braddish Ave. Also I am concerned about the vacant salon building. I would not like any fast food establishments, liquor stores, or clubs, or things of that nature at that location. Also the sidewalks on Gwynns Falls at this corner need repairing. The developer of the property dug up the sidewalks at the time the city was repairing sidewalks, but he has not repaired them.

  5. Veronica-Hazel Hopewell

    Category -Greening-Principal#4 Strategy#9
    I would like the vacant city lots behind the 2900 block of Westwood Ave. to be cut and clean once a month. The city lots in the 3000 block of Westwood should be maintained, also.

    Category-Neighborhood Revitalization-Principal#2-Strategy#2
    Police and community can work together to stop the drug traffic. There is an open air drug market along this city street. Older members of the community are afraid to call the police. I would like to see the community police program start again. Officers on foot would help, too.

    Category-Neighborhood Revitalization-Principal#7-Strategy#1
    How can we stop this problem? The city”s vacant houses in the 1700 and 1800 blocks of Poplar Grove Street should be torn down. People come into the neighborhood and dump between 12am and 5am. They dump in the yards and throw trash in the basements of the vacant houses. Cameras will help to catch these people breaking the law.

    • I noticed that mr little the gardner did not have a real write up or location for his garden. i would like to submit a profile for mr herbert clarke who has the garden behind the 2400 of w north ave. he has 12 raised beds and holds an annual community festival in the garden for the community. mr clarke has attended the meetings for our area. mr clarke has maintained this garden for about 20 years

  6. some of the communties listed are currently not active. mrs neal, northwest community action, i dont believe is in the city directory

  7. Exactly how long did it require u to create “Greater Rosemont & Mondawmin Area Master Plan”?
    It provides a large amount of beneficial advice. Many thanks ,

  8. This excellent blog, “Greater Rosemont & Mondawmin Area Master Plan” displays that you actually
    comprehend just what you’re talking about! I really thoroughly agree. Many thanks -Mira

  9. Tim Saunders

    when Mondawmin was scheduled for a major renovation, they also had make plans for two lots to be used for quality and established restaurants. I relocated to Mondawmin at the same time of this renovations and has not since seen any type of new businesses growth that would be suitable for these two lots. any idea as to when this may occur? Our community deserves some quality establishments and not always fast food chains or liquor stores.

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